Vencedor do Master Prémio

Winner of the Master’s Research Award

Architect Sérgio Magalhães is the winner of the Master of Research Award – N41º/AGEAS Arquétipo Award – 3rd Edition, with his proposal for the PEG.GO partition wall, developed for JJTeixeira.
On receiving this award, the architect and the company will develop a prototype that will be presented at Concreta 2024 and then launched on the market.


“PEG.GO, a product inspired by the peg board, is a truly multifunctional system that any user can make the most of, taking advantage of its ability to transform and adapt to the needs of a given period or physical space. PEG.GO is an effective way of reconfiguring spaces, almost immediately, without the need for anything more than an assembly plan and creativity. Users themselves are invited to define the ideal formal structure, autonomously, and without the need for professional technical support, including installers or building work. The very name of the product reflects what it stands for, a peg (PEG) board ready to be activated/altered/adapted (GO) – PEG.GO, the perfect ally for workspaces such as offices, universities, libraries, museums, cafés, coworking spaces, among others. Created from the logic of construction based on fitting and joints typical of Japanese carpentry, the structures (small and large) are assembled from notches and grooves, avoiding as far as possible the undifferentiated use of screws and other techniques that have a significant impact on the cost, labour and production of the solution. (…)”

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