résidence artistique

Crude – Artistic Residency

JJTeixeira hosts an artistic residency in its space.

Crude is an artistic laboratory that investigates a way of performing the visual arts within the industrial space. Within the scope of this project, 3 university students are invited to work with the materials and technology of the wood industry, in order to develop or deepen their own plastic activity.

Aware of the differences between artistic and industrial disciplines, the crude project looks for the unknown that the meeting of these two worlds can develop, in an immersive one-month artistic residency in a factory context.

The Faculty of Fine Arts of Porto and Cooperativa Árvore are also partners of this initiative.

JJTeixeira had the opportunity to visit the exhibition Sobras by the artist Rosinda Casais and the Faculty building, as well as its multiple workshops, which remind us of artistic expression.

More: https://crudelab.wordpress.com/

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